Harmful Matter

Some reading material, podcasts, and videos to help understand and intervene in too late capitalism at multiple points. Perspectives covered include the ultra left, anti-state/anti- Bolshevik communism,the Situationists, Surrealism, anarchism, etc. tendencies, history, and projects. Enjoy. Discuss. Share.

This organization printed some good articles on Afghanistan and 9-11 from a left communist perspective in their paper.   https://www.international-communist-party.org/English/TheCPart/TCP_036.htm

A critique of anarchists who have joined the far right in protests and share delusional views around the pandemic, narrow bourgeois egoism (as opposed to communist egoism/selfless selfishness as a movement  away from both the limits of bourgeois individualism and collectivist moralist mediocrity), and spreading misinformation and disinformation to the disadvantage of our proletarianized and marginalized selves.  https://libcom.org/library/anarchy-lockdown-crypto-eugenics-critical-response-some-anarchists-wales-england

A must read for fans of Giorgio Moroder, disco, post punk subversion of disco, electronic music, club/college radio/community radio/podcast DJs, retro futurism, Kosmische Musik, 70s glam and hard bubblegum rock,  “cultural studies,”(which can cover a radical curriculum or presentation sneaked in at an infamous conservative university and/or a free public discussion at an Info Shop, a cafe, a bar, or other more accessible venue), etc. wastedonarchaeology.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/roxy-munich-the-archaeology-of-disco/

An interview with Brooklyn Rail reposted plus information on the forthcoming Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co. English translation of a book by Chinese ultra left project Chuang about the pandemic and the class war in China. https://chuangcn.org/2021/09/state-of-the-plague/

A recent excerpt from Marxist-Humanist publication News and Letters on Afghanistan women’s resistance to the Taliban. https://newsandletters.org/afghan-women-pay-the-price-for-u-s-hubris/



http://www.bopsecrets.org/recent/corona.htm  Yes Ken Knabb cranks out another relevant strong text.

https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/29/business/supply-chain-workers/index.html Enemy news source with some relevant coverage of the supply chain problem which could help us in our praxis with potentially rebellious workers. 

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