Screemz of delight! Screemz of anger and frustration! Screemz of living life! Screemz for the NEW… and occasionally overlooked old opals! We won’t follow the paths of some music blogs that are merely “cool”, jaded for the sake of being jaded, and comfortable in their ideological cynicism, their ball & chain… or others that emphasize the careerism of critics adept at creatively reproducing promo packs… or those whose “transgression” merely leads them back to the bigoted repressive/oppressive noise pollution of governments, religions, corporations, ETC… or any other models of in vogue boredom & alienation! We want to match the spirit of what we pull out of the glut of musical productions from all over… AND encourage you to let the energy transference of listening motor-vate you beyond just consuming!

The extreme eclecticism encapsulating our music reviews expresses our subjectively passionate and visceral tastes for variety… and even surpriseEmoji/refusal to segregate/detain/deport music in sync with current cowardly global reaction and because historical/hysterical published peers/influences such as: Sound Choice, Trouser Press, and Roctober (a certain Detroit magazine Lester Bangs wrote for among others) managed to maximize what they covered with genuine enthusiasm and magnanimity!

So if you haven’t caught on by now, send us digitally via the blog, punk/experimental/”world” music/death metal/zydeco/ power violence/power pop/harsh noise/avant classical/footwork (especially more experimental takes from Chicago and globally), black metal/thrash metal/doom metal/sludge/noise rock/noisecore/rockabilly/avant jazz/free improv/psychobilly/funk/Cajun/blues/extratone/splittercore/digital hardcore/garage/freakbeat/surf instrumentals/Doo Wop/yodelling/”Kraut Rock”inspired/mathcore/grindcore/Exotica/creative and/or conscious rap/Drone Metal/industrial music (Industrial Musicals are another thing), country with punk attitude, culture jamming, brutal prog, junkshop glam, soul music (compilations of rare 60s/70s goldies and current interpretations), mutant bluegrass, dark ambient, crazed childrens music, etc.etc. AS LONG AS IT ISN’T RACIST, MISOGYNIST, ANTI-L/G/B/T/Q/…HETERO SEXIST, XENOPHOBIC, FASCIST/WHITE POWER, AND RELATED SHIT! Once we arrange a box for physical copies, then you can send drink coasters, door stoppers, and pizza plates.

We will keep reviewing mainly new releases weekly. We will attempt to network with as many as possible like minded and/or less eclectic yet sharing consciousness and carnal appetites via blogs, bands/projects, zines, etc. We will link to them. Even though we are one in a million or more music review blogs, the output of inspired DIY deviants and dynamic doers takes lifetimes to navigate. So let us be renegade Time Lords blogging and making a difference in a multiverse of sounds and visions! However, we just provide some inspiration. The rest is up to you and multitudes we are connected to!

Kenny Kicks

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