Absolute Negativity As A New Beginning 😎—Summer/Fall Sessions(Session 2) The Politics/Anti-Politics of Dancing (Part One)

1. The history of dancing transformed through time into the rope in the tug of war between the dance of history and the pre-history of safety dances reproducing current class society’s alienation daily.

2. Pre-history, the present social stasis we exist in with sideways movement, reinvents the wheel often for recharged exercises in social compliance. We circulate through the socio-cultural-statist-corporate domination of today’s global digital “connectivity” which simultaneously isolates, lies, punishes, numbs, and aggravates.

3.Class societies have always generated class tensions which fluctuate in intensities moment by moment guided by multiple factors including weather, amounts of daylight, daily degrees of violence used on the most marginalized groups, etc.; if only billionaire’s secret funds could magically appear on our debit and credit cards every moment someone bitches and/or whines about all the American class/political polarization happening now! Such delayed reaction shows how ahistorical delusions, official history domination, and shortening attention spans are connected to character armor(basically Wilhelm Reich’s analysis of lousy emotional defenses people develop through childhood conditioning and trauma onwards to navigate lousy social conditions capitalism reproduces daily as our shared physical and psychological alienation) which reinforces submission to the Spectacle http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/debord/

4. Online diversions into relatively “safer”numb digital S&M take form through trolling and other Net combat tactics. Social media dips into digital quicksand wherein electronically mediated mutual abuse and confusion replaces dynamic in person physical communication (communication meaning two or more people acting together not merely conversing: For example,dancing carries and taps into the body memories of the dancers which are often our pleasurable sensual memories revived. Dancing opens up convivial psychological and literal spaces for encounters with our character armor loosened. Compared with Net neutralization, dancing can expand the shared pleasure principle into praxis (unified theory and practice)maybe even mixing with class resentment, anger, frustration, etc. to catalyze collective carnivalesque departures from daily misery(see the L.A. Rebellion 1992, Watts 1965 via Debord’s The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/10.Watts.htm , http://www.revoltagainstplenty.com/index.php/recent/34-archivelocal/37-like-a-summer-with-a-thousand-julys). A taste of honey is better than none at all.

Communication is not distant detached keyboard warriors hooked on ideological drone warfare reaction games spreading mental/emotional collateral damage. Such effects remind us the Net originated from the late 1960s prototype ARPANET(Advanced Research Projects Agency Network)the US military invented. Today’s Internet still upholds uniform standards for spying on foreign and domestic enemies while reducing critical thinking of capitalism and State to loyal opposition(i.e. arguments over managing this society rather than creating new relations beyond this society) as well as specialized commodities to sell radical chic.  The Net can act as the electronic extension of character in a sense.

Character can only be ultimately eliminated or neutralized socially/globally since it also effects the economy, governance, bigotry, etc. Little changes
through the recuperation of psychological methodology(including today’s capitalist healthcare industry selectively drawing from the 60s and 70s anti-psychiatry movement)  for fixing up individuals like motor vehicles for returning to alienated labor and leisure.

5. While some take to classic direct violence on or off the job(which often ends in hospitalization and/or cremation in these times), many people escape from their economic psychological abuse,even if for short amounts of time, on the Net.  Some will fight through sanctioned and/or unsanctioned online play those miserable management maggots and/or co-workers acting  reactionary, clueless, and opportunist.  Generations of players weened on arcade videogames,computer games, and hand held electronic games are prepared for finite games to merely survive or get revenge on specific fellow cogs but not to attack the entire alienating organization of our material conditions. Some take to the convenient simulation of freedom daisy chained to the freedom of simulation in comfortable insulated isolation yet, exceptional moments (i.e. The George Floyd Rebellion, Ferguson, Missouri, the Occupy movement, Tahir Square and Arab Spring, etc.) shock like electric eels to the crotch! 

People exercise collective muscles on the streets for calorie burning concrete confrontation( Ex. Cardiovascular dancercize on damaged cop cars.) against capitalism and its monopoly of State violence protecting commodity relations, structural racism, domination of time and space, etc.

People that protested in 2020 even made sure masks, hand sanitizers, safe distancing, food, water, first aid, etc. were available in this pandemic mixed within the rampant health threat of the existing order.

6. Early humans might have danced to attract mates, as far back as 1.5 million years ago, according to Steven J. Mithen, an archaeologist at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. In hunter gatherer tribal communities survival involved strong emotional displays to signify food, kinship, tribal warfare, play, sexual pleasure, mating, etc. Dancing most likely helped to open up mind and body to catalyze some of our gifts such as fluid perceptions of space and time, expansive sexual theatrics, collective creative problem solving, early consciousness of benefits from exercise, conviviality, consciousness that would become astronomy tied to terrestrial effects later, pleasure unseparated from necessity, etc.

6. As class society started from tribalism, then coalesced into larger more sophisticated groupings, and evolved in some ways psychologically during early agriculture, dancing transformed from unseparated communal absorption of living life to limited dance rituals which upheld the ruling class (and often their official religion)above the rest of the community. 

7. Official dances were conducted in official venues to celebrate the current rulers. The underclass held more secretive dances where the absence of official rules meant reconnecting to community beyond serving royalty and class society which created temporary autonomous zones in the process. The TAZ efforts generated movements including occultism( which included some early scientists), anti-nominian resistance to official Christianity, proto anarchist and communist movements such as the Brethren of the Free Spirit, Hussites, Adamites, early Anabaptists, heretical Sufi/Islamic tendencies, etc.

8. There is much to review historically with dance as a conscious global art form. However, the history of art needs to still be consciously criticized as imperial into capitalist cultural hijacking of the art/poetry/science of history. While some post modernists have proclaimed basically everything is “born in recuperation” (Jean Baudrillard)to help sell their brands of ideological escapism as opposed to supporting “passe” concrete self organized collective action against existing conditions, those of us who critically use Situationist, ultra leftist/libertarian( the original use of the word coined by 19th century French anti-capitalist anarchist communist Joseph Dejacque  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_D%C3%A9jacque not the dumbed down American lassiez faire capitalist use for the electoral Libertarian Party and a family tree of right wing conservative ideology with more cultural flexibility — i.e. drugs, sex workers, hip capitalist business ventures, etc.—than other more constricted conservative branches)communist/Marxist-Humanist, Surrealist, Dadaist, anarchist, etc. theories as parts of our praxis want to deal simultaneously with now and possibilities opened up over long term collective local and global praxis.

9. Praxis is a dance with body and mind. The Western civilized cleavage of body and mind both drove on the division of manual and mental labor globally which also divided theory and practice from unified praxis. The dance of social amputation varies throughout dominant culture and subcultures but culture itself is a force capitalism uses to turn fearless vampire killers into new markets and precarious workers.

10. While dancing itself will not become a force par excellence after centuries of bloody class struggle, the relationship between dancing and revolution brings up countless ways to critically and creatively handle analyses, tactics, and strategies in the current phase of capitalism.  We need to continue encouraging dancing/playing for keeps among diverse groups of people within the proletarian/ marginalization/ alienation process that unites meters, prisons, landmines, borders, drones, pollution, disease, surveillance cameras, the economy, and ideology as our dance chaperones.

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